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Where to Find Us

    Our office address is:

    731 N. McLean Blvd, Ste 130

    Wichita, KS 67203

    We're located just north of the​ intersection of McLean and Central Ave., across from the Arkansas River.  If you enter from Central, by way of the parking lot adjacent to the Riverside Hospital building, we are in the second of two medical buildings to the north of the hospital building, and right next to McLean.  Entering from McLean Blvd, you'll see a residential nursing facility to your right, and our building will be to your left.  

    Patients can enter through the large double doors in front of the building (on its west side), next to the circle drive.  If you walk straight back through the main entrance, as far as you can go, then turn right and walk to the end of the hall, our office suite is through the last door on the left.

    Please note that contact information is specific to your therapist, and that each clinician manages their own scheduling--it's important that you contact the specific therapist you are seeing, or that you want to schedule an appointment with, so that we receive your message as early as possible.  

    Tierra Smith, LPC-T


    Aaron Lybrand, LMFT


    Asher J. Wickell, LCMFT


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