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How We Can Help

We offer therapy to individual clients, as well as families and partners in relationship, for mental healthcare, relational support, and help getting through stressful or overwhelming experiences and major life events.

We can also assist other therapists and social service providers, as well as larger organizations and agencies, to build their skill and knowledge when working with LGBTQA+ clients.  In addition to training and education at an institutional level, we are happy to consult with individual providers or departments, or to offer targeted support in problem-solving specific challenges in spaces that serve LGBTQA+ individuals. 

Individual and Relational Therapy

Sometimes, therapy is all about you!  As therapists, we are deeply aware of the ways that family, friends, community, and intimate partners shape your life.  And: we all have moments where it's important to spend time focusing on ourselves, our needs, and our own growth.  If that sounds like where you're at, individual work may be for you. 


On the other hand, relationships--of all kinds--can be hard.  If it feels like you're struggling for calm, control, or communication; if you're wrestling with relationship decision-making; or if you're just plain tired of arguing; relational therapy could be a great way to start working toward meaningful change. 


Ever get stuck paying a missed appointment fee because your car wouldn't start--or because the weather outside was just too awful to face?  What if you're feeling well enough for therapy, but too contagious to make it into the office?


For clients in need of flexibility, living out of town, or otherwise struggling to get to an office outside their home, online videotherapy can make for more effective and accessible mental health care.  We do ask that teletherapy clients complete an in-person intake, to be certain that teletherapy is a good fit; and can only treat clients residing within the state of Kansas.

Short-Term Transition-Related Care and Assessment

For some transgender clients who are not seeking long-term, open-ended, or weeky therapy sessions, transition-focused mental health support remains necessary--especially when preparing for certain transition-related medical procedures.  With adult clients seeking brief, purpose-driven clinical support, We are often able to offer a short-term, structured course of treatment, engaging social, legal, and medical approaches to transition, facilitating access to trans-competent healthcare and social support, and otherwise assisting you in moving forward with processes related to gender expression and affirmation.  This approach can also be appropriate for clients who are satisfied with their present mental health providers, but wish to obtain additional support related specifically to gender identity.

Consultation and Training

As experienced providers working extensively with LGBTQ populations, we often receive inquiries about offering consultation or training within settings seeking to enhance their specialized expertise within this domain.  We are happy to work, individually or collectively, with individual clinicians, private practices, agencies, and colleges and training programs, to select or build the resources best suited to your context.  


The limited availability of LGBTQ-centering practices in the Wichita area, and high local and regional demand for LGBTQ-oriented training and support, do mean that our schedules are ordinarily very full, and we are unable to sustainably offer consultation on a cost-free basis.  We encourage smaller practices and solo providers to explore collaborative options for planning and funding trainings that are accessible to them, and to contact us as early as possible in their planning process, in order to ensure availability for their desired dates.

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