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Meet Aaron




Life is a growth process. Sometimes we seek out opportunities to challenge ourselves and make positive changes. Sometimes difficult life circumstances create the challenges for us, and we're forced to cope. Wherever you're at with your process, I'm here to partner with you to take the best advantage of the opportunities possible. You set your treatment goals - whether you want help managing specific symptoms, dealing with a major life transition, improving relationships, or are just feeling aimless and searching for meaning, we work on what's most important to you.

My passion is serving members of gender and sexual minority communities, including trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming folks; people of various sexual orientations; those considering or practicing non-monogamy; and relationships involving kink/BDSM. I also often work with people trying to support loved ones in their identities and experiences.

While therapy isn't always centered around these issues, having a therapist you can be open with is crucial. I take a postmodern approach to therapy that goes beyond having an open mind - I will celebrate who you are with you, while we figure out what you want and need.

Contact Info:


PHONE:    316-512-1881

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