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Meet Tierra

Tierra Smith, LPC

As a counselor, I believe in the therapeutic relationship between the client and clinician. I also firmly believe that, while I have specific training, skills, and knowledge in counseling, the client is the expert on their own life and lived experiences. I find value in the knowledge that clients bring to counseling and use a collaborative approach to client’s care.

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PHONE:   316-751-8554

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I am a licensed professional counselor, trained in a variety of techniques and theories; and have experience working with older children, adolescents, adults, and groups. My passion is in working with youth, adults, families/couples, and groups in the LGBTQ+ community, especially individuals of color. I believe in keeping an open mind, being flexible in my approach to counseling, being non-judgemental, and listening to each individual's unique and important story.

I like to practice from a Solution-Focused mindset that allows the client to be in the driver’s seat. Additionally, I acknowledge that the issue or issues that may have brought the client to counseling are valid and important; however, I believe that instead on focusing on the negative, we can reframe and work on seeing the exceptions that are already occurring and use those to come up with solutions that will foster change. We will explore ways the client is already experiencing change, what the client’s ideal future will look like and how close you are

to that future, how you and those around you will notice the change that is happening, and lastly determining how you will know when enough progress has been made.


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