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  • Ash Wickell, LMFT-T

Trans Kansas II

I'll be at Trans Kansas II, later this month, along with my friend and colleague, Julie Miller, LMFT. We'll be presenting alongside an array of other community members and professionals--this is a very important event for Kansas, and the only conference of its kind in the state! While we do, of course, hope you'll come check us out, the conference is definitely worth checking out, either way!

The session we'll be facilitating--twice!--focuses on trans-affirming approaches to supporting intimacy and sexuality. While we'll throw a little clinical information out there--might as well use that therapy degree--our orientation with this presentation will be toward a lay audience. We have some great information to share, and a really interactive structure--which, based on last year's rave reviews, seems to be the trend for this conference. It should be an exciting couple of days, and it's in Wichita, unlike the KAMFT fall conference where we'll present a similar session, a few weeks later (watch for that post soon!). Will hope to see you there!

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